The aBook project aims to tighten the connection between contemporary art practice, graphic design and publishing. In the context of the museum/gallery routine, those three domains act mainly independent from one another: an artist presents his/her work, a designer creates a publication about the exhibition and finally, a museum/gallery or a publishing house publishes a catalogue or a book. An art book as a genre, however, brings these three cultural practices so close together that sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish them apart from one another. The key to the synergy is to emphasise every aspect of the process. The concept of the aBook edition rests on the fact that the new and upcoming media is giving a new kick to books. So, in a puzzling way, books—and particularly artist's books—are being established as an important phenomenon of the hypertextual culture of everyday life.

Tina Gverović – Sea of People, 2017

The first issue aBook art organization’s edition is the result of close collaboration between artist Tina Gverović, two designers Nina Bačun and Roberta Bratković and curator Klaudio Štefančić.

The book intertwines three currents: ink drawings of floating body parts, documentary collages of newspaper clippings and the text, which is a collection of stories and facts related to human migration and seamovement. The pages bound together were not cut to accommodate classical way of leafing through the book and thus emphasize the floating of content throughout the book, while the orange colour characteristic for rescue boats penetrates the interior side of the sheets.

dimensions: 158x215 / offset print / print run: 100



Michail Kargl – Languange, materiality, activity, habits, 2018

The idea of book as an artist research. It consist of four chapters: language, materiality, activity and habits that surround the question of what a book is. The book has to be read in four directions.

dimensions: 185x270 mm / offset print / print run: 100



Hana Miletić – Import-Eksport, 2018

dimensions: 140x195 mm / offset print / print run: 100


Since 2017 the aBook has published three books: Sea of People by Tina Gverović; 2018 Languange, materiality, activity, habits by Michail Kargl, Import-Eksport by Hana Miletić and Good or bad in various beds by Nora Turato.