Bukovica & Ravni kotari - Cultural heritage guide


This is Bukovica and Ravni kotari Guide that that was created to broaden the knowledge of locals (& also draw attention of world travelers) about the rich history of Bukovica and Ravni kotari often unfairly neglected part of Dalmatia.

Publisher Centre for Peace Studies wanted to support the field work initiative of the Benkovac highschool, which was primarily focused on the small area. The number of localities and collaborators has since increased.

This project was a research and design initiative that encourages reactivation. 

Collaboration with Editor Petra Jurlina included creating the concept of the publication; then mapping and photographing all locations. Over the course of several weeks, situation was documented in detail. 

The publication has different viewpoints through texts from authors who contributed.

At the end of the proces book/guide was designed.

This is the first guide about this area that includes all local cultural heritage. 

The purpose of the publication is, besides presenting, to try to offer an answer to some question and open a new space for rethinking.

Key words: Local, Educational, Collaborative, Research, Guide, Reactivation, Rethinking

Collaborator/s: Andro Giunio and Petra Jurlina



product design, design research