Croatia - As it is / Souvenir

Collaborators: Ira Payer and Andro Giounio

Croatia is a land of pride and prejudice as well as a land of questionable tourism slogans, and its tourism workers are in a constant state of being torn between great expectations and real possibilities, while equally prone to pessimism and irrational self-praise. 

When combined, the facts, a certain amount of humbleness and just a touch of self-irony would describe Croatia as follows: visually, our country and its name resemble a croissant; alphabetically, we are located between Côte d’Ivoire and Cuba; geographically, we are near Italy and quite far from Russia; politically, we are extremely defined by our Yugoslavian past and European future;

This series of slogans, which represents a break from the usual tourism and marketing rhetoric, has been applied to bags made of densely woven agricultural polypropylene sacks. 

These slogans could go on forever if we continued answering questions about what sort of country Croatia is or where exactly it is located, i.e. if we continued placing Croatia in a more or less rational juxtaposition with other countries.

Localy produced bags with unusual slogans were
designed as an alternative souvenir and to remind people about some intresting (real) facts.

Croatia as it is is a part of the Croatian Holiday  exhibition project - a collection of products inspired by tourism. This traveling exhibition is a charming and nostalgic way of dealing with the country’s clichés and stereotypes, while evoking the seaside atmosphere. Its main purpose is to stimulate debate on the importance of connecting design and tourism in Croatia.

Key words: Tourism, Souvenir, Product, Alternatives




product design, design research