A unique treatment of textual information (contemporary san serif typography) is set in white margins of variable widths on all printed materials. In this way most of the space is reserved for photography - the bearer of the visual identity of the 2019/20 theatre season. The oversized logo with its symmetry and cantered position is reminiscent of classic visual heritage.

All printed materials share the same type setting of the textual information placed on the white margins that vary in width. Although the main space has been given to photography, the type and its placement remain the strong visual identity element of the 2019/20 season.
The theater logo is large in size, its central and symmetric positioning recalls the classical visual language employed during previous years.

Publisher: Croatian National Theater in Zagreb
Dubravka Vrgoč
Editor: Elizabeth Kumer
Cover photography: Karla Jurić (play visuals; posters and booklet covers), Mara Bratoš (publication)
Photography: Marija Matijašec
Graphic design: Nina Bačun, Roberta Bratović
Typography: Trash, La Nord