Female Designers 1930-1980: Context, production, influences


To highlight the contributions women have made to Croatia’s rich design history, the ‘Dizajnerice’ [Designers] project presents the professional biographies of unknown Croatian female designers from various disciplines.

The initial impulse for starting this “investigation” was pure curiosity about our forerunners, their number and achievements.

Project was developed for Croatian Designers Association in Zagreb. One of their aims is reconstruction of initiatives and individual works of designers from the past, for the sake of building and elaborating a formal database of their inheritance.

During a period of one year we have undertook numerous interviews with disclosed authors, as well as progressed in getting in contact with several organizations and institutes whose archives were truly valuable to us and have provided fragments of which would turn into web content of this female design history archive.

Our portrayal of designers is earnest, it shows their methodologies as well as results, and is open for further research extension. 






Project was [launched] at the end of February 2015, and its reception so far has been extremely positive, and what has proven to be most important – it has started a long-awaited debate around the notion of todays design history and possible (mis)interpretations of the future one created, not only by theoreticians, but practicing designers as well.