Gathering Recipe / X-mass Superstore

Designers: Nina Bačun, Maša Poljanec                     Curator: Marko Golub

Croatian Design Association Gallery, Zagreb

Year: 2012


Best Holidays are the ones that you spend with dearest people gathering while cooking. Gathering Recipe motivates people to actively participate in organization and preparation of feast. There are 3 sets of invitations/greetings with instructions. Each set has two parts; first is simple traditional recipe (for 2, 6 or 10 guests) that serves as well as an example for second — blank invitations on which you can write your own recipe. Every card is a part of the recipe and an invitation for gathering while cooking.

Number of ingredients and guests is same. Host has recipe and first ingredient. Each guest supposes to bring ingredient written on his/hers postcard invitation. When all guests arrive, recipe will be complete and they are going to cook together!



product design, design research