Contemporary Croatian Design IN A NUTSHELL

Through the design of transport packaging which also serves as a foldable modular system for the exhibition layout, the standard chain of production is circumvented and the exhibits don't need to be packed into separate boxes and then placed onto stands which had previously also been specially packaged and shipped. The cases and boxes used for transport, as well as the protective frames, become stands for the exhibits, while the markings on them become the basic visual element of the exhibition.

Legends are used as catalogue pages, while functional supplements, such as slings for enforcing and Tyvek pillows, become symbols of the visual identity.

The entire system is guided by an economic approach by which the functional becomes the decorative, while the exhibition, conceived as a pop-up, jumps out of its packaging right there on the spot and adapts to the given location.

visual identity, exhibition and web design by Roberta Bratović, Ivana Borovnjak, Tina Ivezić, Maša Poljanec and Andro Giunio
client: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
year: 2012