MADE IN Seminar Design & Crafts in Dialogue #2, ZAGREB 31/1/2019

Public Lecture Series
Curated and organized by OAZA

Second in a row of Seminars, followed by the International lecture series titled Design & Crafts in Dialogue #2, and organized by OAZA, will take place in Zagreb on the January 31st, 2019. Seminars are part of the two-year long international project MADE IN / Crafts–Design Narratives. While MADE IN / Crafts–Design Narratives project explores the relationship between crafts and design in general, the Dialogue#2 series will open up topics and feature talks about the new models of collaboration, curation and production of crafts and design by representatives of organisations, curators, craftspeople and designers from The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia.

The main intention of the Dialogues#2 series is to raise new questions, and try to tackle the once already posed: Does craft need design and vice versa? What are the new models of exchange between crafts and design? Is there new life to be found in the methods, outcomes and distribution of craft? What can designers learn from a country’s craft tradition? How to deal with crafts beyond the context of heritage and national identity? What are the crafts of today, in relation to the contemporary lifestyles and everyday habits? Is there such thing as “digital craft”? Are there sustainability models for traditional crafts beyond tourism and souvenir artefacts?

On Thursday, January 31st from 5.00 to 8.00 PM, OAZA will host the International public seminar Design & Crafts in Dialogue #2 at Kino Europa (Müller Hall) venue in Zagreb (Varšavska 3). Detailed schedule and more info about the project can be viewed at the following link.

Questions and topics around the status of contemporary crafts and design will be raised during public lectures by renowned experts.

In the first lecture ON COLLABORATION, titled Does Craft need Design?, Willemien Ippel and Marion Poortvliet (Crafts Council Nederland) will be speaking of the new makers, their ways of production and representation in different formats, but also about their role as an organisation and mediator between craftsmen and designers within the Dutch cultural production. A 30’ lecture will be followed by a 15’ Q&A, moderated by Relja Bobić (Nova Iskra, RS) and Maja Lalić (Mikser, RS).

Four case study exhibitions will open up thoughts and reflections ON CURATING CRAFTS in the lecture Making, thinking, (re)connecting, by Belgian curator and art historian Evelien Bracke (Design Museum Gent, BE). The lecture will look at the difficulties, challenges and opportunities related to the curation and presentation of crafts in a contemporary context. What is the potential of crafts in the 21st century and how can it be translated towards a broader public within an institutional context? A 30’ lecture will be followed by a 15’ Q&A, moderated by Thomas Geisler (Werkraum Bregenzerwald, AT), Maja Vardjan (MAO, SI) and Koraljka Vlajo (MUO, HR).

ON DESIGN PRACTICE, brings lectures by two young renowned designers and researchers. Henriette Waal (Atelier Luma, NL, FR) will speak about the sustainable ways in which Atelier Luma creates and uses the natural and cultural resources of the bioregion and develops local solutions to global issues – from agricultural waste recycling to the promotion of traditional craft, as well as the facilitation of encounters between audacious creators, in a lecture named Multiple beginnings: Crafting possible futures. Andrea de Chirico (SUPERLOCAL, IT, NL) will take us on a short journey into 0 miles production – a global network that promotes local manufacturing, fosters a future vision on crafts and more in general on production. The lecture will also serve as an invitation for participation in its new iteration which will take place in form of a workshop for young design professionals and craftsmen this coming spring in Zagreb. The lectures will be followed by a 15’ Q&A, moderated by Ivana Borovnjak and Maja Kolar (OAZA, HR).

The lecture series is aimed at designers, design students, researchers, curators, academics, entrepreneurs or design brand managers, small manufacturers and craftsmen. Anyone interested can attend, but application is mandatory via the online form, no later than Tuesday, January 28th. Delegates will be notified of their confirmed participation by the following morning, while the total capacity of the event is limited to 70 participants. Advantage will be given to those applicants whose professional or educational practice is closely related to the conference topics.

The project is led by Museum of Arts and Crafts MUO (Croatia), and involves distinguished partners with extensive experience in the field: Werkraum Bregenzerwald (Austria), Museum of Architecture and Design MAO (Slovenia), OAZA (Croatia) and Nova Iskra and Mikser (Serbia).

MADE IN / CraftsDesign Narratives is a two-year project co-funded by Creative Europe program of the European Union, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Kultura Nova Foundation. Seminar is co-funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Zagreb.