Old School Ilica

A knowledge and skills exchange platform in Ilica 50–150, Zagreb aims to recover the disappearing traditional crafts and local economy.

Old School Ilica is a collaborative, local craft production initiative, realized to recover the disappearing traditional crafts and local economies in its immediate environment by establishing an educational co-creation model based on knowledge and skills exchange. Participants are invited to learn-and-contribute in workshops while cocreating with local craftsmen using solely local services and their production lines. By active participation, local residents or local designers become nanotourists in their own street or city, creating in novel products, services and local economy while transforming the Ilica street identity. 

Several workshops and introduction courses were conducted with the local artisans, which resulted in a form of an online Registry of Knowledge holders that includes:

Gent’s barbershop and hairdressing Salon
Shoe making & repair Store – Jos
Duvet hand restoration
Printing Office – Etiket tisak
Patisserie Ilica
Printing Office – Orbis
Shoe making & repair Store – Andrijević
Picture framing service – Format
Jewlery Store Bashota
Greta – Independent Art Space
Shoe making & repair Store Maky
Oaza – Design Studio

Shoe making and repair workshop with Stipan Josić.

shomeaking and repair workshop with Stipan Josić

shoemaking course

shomaking course

Stipan Josić - shoemaker

Gentlemen's hairdressing workshop with Ivica Prgomet.