Staged Salvations explores the idea of rituals used as an attempt to overcome the reality that has suddenly become a burden. Our very fragility transforms itself in the productive force that enables separation from the previously practiced patterns. Twisting common modes of perception becomes possible thanks to newly found tactics that can easily disrupt the human mind. Elements of material culture are turned into symbols and creative tools used in performance-like actions that initiate different ways of self-reflection within various communities enabling catharsis and fulfillment. In the quest for self-actualization and self-improvement the body is a primary medium through which a new level of consciousness becomes possible.

André Viking, Rocco Venezia and Nils Stelte capture such embodiments of individual and collective rituals in the forms of symbols, gestures, expressions, and rhythms. Their work reveals a universal quality in these embodied patterns communicated through performative actions. Rather than depicting clear, linear narratives, these artists introduce incomplete fragments, expressing the liminal quality of rituals in which reality questions itself. Depicted objects and characters can be a part of staged experience or spontaneous and improvised actions that may seem fantastic and dreamlike but are still deeply rooted in common human reality.

Staged Salvations is a part of the project PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform.

Graphic design: Nina Bačun and Roberta Bratović