Samba Shiva


Samba Shiva: The Photographs of Sambasiva Rao Patchineelam
Photobook, 2017.

The design of a book of photographs by Vijay Patchineel, in which the artist reconstructs the photographs of his father Sambasiva, an Indian scientist who moved to Brazil in the late 1960s.

In the book, three groups of photos (India, Brazil and business trips) are coded by the treatment of margins. The saffron yellow colour carries the identity of the book, but also points to the importance of Sambasiva’s roots. The selected typeface has a striking, dynamic character. The book can also be interpreted as a reflection of mixed slides, as Vijai found them during a visit to his family home in Brazil.


Client / Editor: Vijai Patchineelam
PR:  Revista ZUM / Instituto Moreira Salles – IMS, Brazil
Design: Nina Bačun, Roberta Bratović; Oaza

Format: 25x17 cm, 232 pages
Typeface: Chap by Schick Toikka
Papers: Munken Lynx Rough 120 g/m2; Hi Bright 52 g/m2; Master Blank Linho LD 270 g/m2
Print run: 800
ISBN 9788583460435
Printing: IPSIS Gráfica e Editora
Languages: english, portuguese