The Youth (in) Culture


The Youth (in) Culture project brings together BLOK, artists and students in the production of participative art and is aimed at the students of grammar and vocational schools.


The research on which the project is based has shown that the key social issues have a strong impact on this demographic: the decreased availability of social services, rise in labour market competition and the weakening of social institutions result in the deepening of social differences. The data show that up to a quarter of young people are at a real risk of poverty, and that socially unacceptable behaviour and the social neglect of leisure time are on the rise. Fewer than 10% of young people attend cultural programs regularly, as a result of the decline of cultural infrastructure, especially in rural areas, paired with the inadequate representation of art education in both vocational and grammar schools.


The project is co-founded by the EU European Social Fund.

Design: Roberta Bratović, Nina Bačun

Illustration: Ana Kovačić

Client: [BLOK] curatorial collective