Zgraf 12


Time, flow, light, change and repetition are the terms inscribed in the design of the visual identity and the display of Zgraf 12 - Social Re-runs.

The paradoxality of continuous change and repetition is illustrated by subtle pulsation and transformation of light values within the given formal frameworks. The design of the logo is derived from the basic geometric shapes (a triangle, circle and square) as a reminder of the legacy of modernism and previous Zgrafs.



The impression of time flow in the exhibition display is simulated by alternating, cyclic illumination and obscuration of the exhibits, and stressed by the rhythmic enumeration of the works in rows and the orientation of the exhibition. The altitude gradation of the elements visually divides individual segments of the exhibition into topical and “revue” parts.



Exhibition design: Nina Bačun, Roberta Bratović, Ivana Borovnjak, Maja Kolar
Visual identity: Tina Ivezić, Maša Poljanec 
Contributors: Mihaela Richter (curator), Deni Šesnić (light design)
Client: ULUPUH,

Zagreb, 2017